Admin Guidelines

1) Mention your participation in your server messages, to be transparent, such as:
“Part of the Community Blacklist Network www.SquadBan.TK”
People need to know you are sharing bans and where to find us.
The webpage has information for Players, a check-up for banned people and a log-in for registered Admins

2) Copy the URL of the preferred Ban lists into your “RemoteBanListHosts.cfg” on your Server.
Do not copy the Community Ban lists into your own Ban list! If you later copy & paste your list you will cause double entries.

3) Post your own Ban list regularly, once a week or bi-weekly should be reasonable.

4) After posting your Ban list, just add a comment line into your ban list, such as:
“// Reported on 17th July 2016 to SquadBan.TK until this comment ” – Server will keep it and this will help you not to double post.

5) Always use one of the following Key-Words in your Ban Comment section:
TK, Teamkiller, Hack, Racism, Language, Troll, Aimbot, Hack, Griefing, Griefer, Cheat, Abuse, Rules
Entries without proper comments cannot be used and will be ignored when posted!

6) Avoid entering previously shared Bans – If you enter Bans from other Admins, please note it like “reported by XYZ” so we can edit double Entries

7) Keep in mind, a single temp, permanent Ban or VAC entry will not result in a global Ban! We share and collect until certain “abuse levels” are reached – those can be easily adapted.

8) If you need SteamIDs reviewed or deleted, please contact SquadBan.TK DEVs in Discord or “[FC.] Ridoc” through Steam/Discord